Foods That Are Dangerous to Dogs

There are many types of human food that are very bad for mans best friend. Many of these foods you would think are harmless but in reality they can be deadly.

Mushrooms are very hazardous, they contain many toxins which can cause shock.

Macadamia nuts can affect the nervous system of a dog. Alcohol of any kind can cause a coma in animals. Chocolate or caffeine contains theobromine, or theophylline, which can affect the heart and nervous system. Persimmons can cause obstructions in the bowels. Pits from Peaches or Plums also create blockages. Salt can cause electrolyte imbalances. Yeast or Dough can expand in the stomach causing gas or bloating. Any type of Baby food is also bad because it contains Onion Powder another toxic substance to a dog. Raw Eggs contain enzymes that can damage the coat. Eggs can also contain Salmonella. Can you believe that even Grapes and Raisins can harm a dog? They can damage the kidneys. Cat food contains many proteins and fats and should be avoided. Any type of Sugar can lead to dental problems and obesity. Tobacco is harmful because of Nicotine, which can cause rapid heartbeat or even death.

With all of these potential food problems how do you know what your dog should eat? Studies indicate that most dogs prefer canned dog foods to other kinds of foods. This is probably because of the way the foods smell. It is ok to feed your adult dog once or twice in a day. Puppies need more meals than that as a general rule.

Homemade or table food is the most risky thing you can feed your dog. No more than ten percent of a dog’s diet should be human food. Some people learn this the hard way and their poor pet suffers. Don’t be one of those people.

Water should be available to your dog at all times. This can prevent dehydration and the possibility of overheating. Summer time is especially dangerous. Alot of exercise can make your dog very thirsty.

Around the holidays do not use tinsel or popcorn string. The holidays are the busiest time at the animal hospital. Poinsettia or Mistletoe plants can be harmful if ingested. Turkey and pumpkin pie could also be toxic. These hazards along with the consumption of table foods injure many pets. You should not spoil everyone’s holiday with these common mishaps.

Exposing dogs to human foods can lead to dental problems, heart disease or diabetes. The safest way to protect your dog is not to give it any human food at all. Being a responsible pet owner will ensure many years of happiness for you and your dog.