You’ve Got A Big Dog? Find a Big Bed

Labrador Retriever Dog Smiles on Bench Outdoors

Large dogs, despite their strong solid physique, are gentle giants with a big heart. They give you all the time, love, and protection they could offer, so it is clearly reasonable that you also give yours in return. You can start by giving him a comfortable bed so he can relax and have a peaceful sleep after a long day. Adequate sleep is essential for a healthier dog.

However, larger dog breeds also come with larger demands versus a dog who weighs only five pounds. Large dogs face certain health problems such as arthritis, Wobbler Syndrome, and hip and elbow dysplasia that become significant due to their size, especially when dogs reach their senior years. It is best to choose a dog bed that not only provides comfort but therapeutic benefits as well.

Quality over Price

Extra large dog beds demand a suitably sizeable cost, especially when you opt for superior quality. Don’t focus too much on the price tag. While cheap dog beds are very tempting, these beds are made of substandard materials. It won’t take long for your heavy, large dog to flatten it out like a pancake. You’ll end up spending a lot more money by frequently replacing dog beds than buying a high-quality dog bed from the beginning. Lumpy uneven cushion will fail to support your dog’s body and may only affect its posture. However, this doesn’t mean you have to purchase the most expensive dog bed in the market.

Washable Dog Beds

It is wise to choose a large washable dog bed, though there are beds calibrated to treat and resist pests and microbes. It is highly crucial that you disinfect and deodorize your dog’s bed. Veterinarians suggest that you wash your dog’s bed every two weeks, and the best way to sanitize it is to expose it under the sun for some time. Otherwise, your dog’s bed will accumulate bacteria, fungi, and parasites that are harmful to you and your dog.

Address Certain Health Issues

Orthopedic beds are not limited to small dogs; there are also orthopedic beds designed for extra large dogs to double extra large dogs such as St. Bernards and English Mastiffs. Orthopedic dog beds are highly advisable especially when your dog has reached its golden years. Most orthopedic dog beds contain memory foam that conforms and supports your dog’s sleeping position, relieving pressure points on certain areas of your dog’s body. Such beds provide your dog a plush and comfortable sleeping experience.

Extra Features

You need to know every detail of the dog bed you are about to purchase: its length and width, its weight limit, and the materials used. Likewise, you should also keep in mind the character of your dog. Some dog beds have extra features such as built-in pillows and headrests that your dog will appreciate.


Choosing large dog beds can be a little tough, especially when you want it to match up with the theme of your room. Not to mention the quantity of space extra large dog beds consume. Then again, what’s most important is that your dog has its own special resting area that would keep dirt, stains, fur, and bad odor off your furniture and bed. If you dig deeper, you can find chic dog beds for extra large dogs too. Just make sure you won’t compromise quality over something superficial.