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The toughest challenge against which any energy technology can be measured is the one posed by the definition of sustainability: 'meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs' (United Nations' Brundtland Commission, 1987).

The Center for Reactor Information (CFRI) is an independent organization dedicated to increasing public awareness that nuclear energy is truly sustainable--that uranium can provide the world with safe, abundant, economical, and environmentally friendly energy for as long as desired.

CFRI produces and distributes crisp informational documents that are factual, objective, easy to read, and mindful especially of people with little or no technical background. The information is authenticated by solid references.

CFRI is staffed by volunteer scientists, engineers, and writers. They draw on their technical knowledge to inform the public, media, legislators, energy planners, students, and academics of the benefits of nuclear technologies.

A primary focus of the Center for Reactor Information is the use of nuclear power reactors to generate electricity. Another is ensuring that nuclear technology is used fully in the United States and throughout the world for beneficial uses, such as hydrogen production and seawater desalination.

CFRI also addresses related topics such as application of nuclear technology to medicine, agriculture, industry, and the sterilization of food and other materials.

Nuclear is the most viable option for its applications and meets criteria for sustainability: infinite resource base, short energy payback, no environmental impact.


Information distributed by CFRI should be attributed to the Center for Reactor Information and not construed as advocating or reflecting a policy or position of any other organization.

Information in CFRI Public Awareness Documents is validated in references provided by the author. The documents are edited by the CFRI Document Review Committee.

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